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5 Tips for Shooting Video at an Event with a Crew

Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with two talented individuals named Mo and Lyndon on shooting an Art Basel event. Art Basel is an internationally renowned art fair that takes place all over Miami and draws crowds from all over the world.

Interviewing artist Gabriela Bernal on a piece of interactive art she created for the event.

Thursday’s shoot took place at a VIP Basel event called Diaspora, where students from the local New World School of the Arts presented unique pieces of art in various media, including structures, food, sound and more.

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Busking on 37: a documentary

I am very, very proud to finally present to you all my latest documentary film, Busking on 37.

The film stars my good friend Yero Lopez – a.k.a. Crescendo – who spends time playing his saxophone on a local street corner, having interesting conversations with passersby and making it a good time.

Beyond the fun, however, there’s a person who used to jive to a different beat in high school, and as a close friends of his, it’s both interesting and heart-wrenching to see him where he is now.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you to the wonderful musicians on the Newgrounds Audio Portal for providing the music for the film, which really helps make some of the scenes. Details for these and the materials used are as follows.

EDITING: Tomás Monzón
MUSIC: “A World of Blue” by Matthew Pablo, “Smooth Fall” by Macpherson
CAMERA: Sony HVR-V1U HDV/MiniDV Camcorder
AUDIO: Sony HVR-V1U Onboard Microphone
SOFTWARE: Sony Vegas Pro 13

ElMonzón Wayback: SEGA Game Gear Review

Here’s a throwback from Play to Win, a show about all things gaming from a few years ago. Here we took a look at Sega’s vintage handheld, the Game Gear and compared some of the pros and cons of the console versus its competition at the time.

Marilyn Riggins: "Watching kids grow"

This was the first profile-style video I made, so of course I dedicated the occasion to one of the most unique individuals at my high school, Marilyn Riggins. A professed genius and math wiz, here’s a little insight into her inspiration for teaching: watching kids grow.