Public Relations and Marketing Services

Through my experience producing multimedia for and assisting business with their technology, I’ve spent a fair share of time helping them get their image in order.

Having worked with both public and private sector clients, I’m now happy to offer the following services. Covering everything from media relations to community outreach, from social media management to survey production and conducting, can serve as your businesses’ one-stop shop for a variety of essential business needs.

To request a quote for public relations and marketing services, please use the Contact form. Make sure to select “Quote Request” on the dropdown.

  • Survey production and conducting
  • Public meetings
  • Community outreach
  • Media relations
  • Public information
  • Social media management and content production
  • e-Blasts
  • Presentation development
  • Mail merges/direct mail campaigns

Independent multimedia and technology service provider specializing in documentary filmmaking, public relations and information technology.

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