Information Technology Services

Despite my years of experience in and passion for all things video, I’ve always been a a tech geek. I fondly remember summers spent indoors tinkering with my parents’ computer, pushing less-than-adequate machines past their limits but always cleaning up whatever mess I made.

I slowly moved on to buying my own computers to tinker with and eventually started helping others with their computers, doing everything from reformatting hard drives and installing operating systems to just showing older folk how to send emails.

Throughout my years messing around with video cameras, I also earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information services with a concentration on databases, networking and desktop system support. Now, I’m proud to offer my clients a one-stop shop for their business needs. When was the last time your IT guy helped you shoot a commercial and schedule Instagram posts?

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  • Windows and Linux computer repair and maintenance
    • Hardware installation and repair
    • Operating system maintenance and installation
    • Peripheral maintenance and installation (printers, external hard drives, etc.)

Independent multimedia and technology service provider specializing in documentary filmmaking, public relations and information technology.

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