Hey there! Welcome to ElMonzon.com, an independent multimedia and technology service provider specializing in documentary filmmaking, public relations and information technology. 

About Me & ElMonzon.com

Tomas Monzon Headshot

My name is Tomás Lautaro Monzón. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but raised in sunny

Miami, Florida since the age of six, I am a bilingual technology and communications with experience in and a passion for documentary filmmaking, information technology, community relations and much more. 

I unofficially launched ElMonzon.com in 2008, during the summer just before the eight grade. Back then, ElMonzon.com was little more than a blog with just one article on it talking about the “passing” of Windows XP.

From that point on, my love for all things communications and technology only grew. I participated in the television production magnet program at my high school for four years, wrote articles and edited entire sections of Miami Dade College’s The Reporter newspaper, produced video documentaries and news reports and obtained a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

What fascinates me the most, however, is people. I enjoy learning about how people live284342_2234212496664_4087454_n their lives, and I relish the opportunity to become a part of their lives through whatever service I can provide, be it a documentary or public meeting about their work or a full refresh of their computer equipment.

This website aims to bring all those areas of my expertise and passion together by promoting articles about my exploits on the home page while providing easy access to clients that may benefit from the variety of tried and true services I can provide.

Please feel free to browse the Services Offered section and to get in touch with me via the Contact page! I’m looking forward to hearing your story.

“El monzón?” What’s that about?

One night while watching TV, a good friend of mine was having a laugh attack over my saying “pudding.” Laughter gave way to an endless stream of silly phrases from both her and I, and one of them was “El Monzón!”



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Independent multimedia and technology service provider specializing in documentary filmmaking, public relations and information technology.

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